Year 6 Class

Autumn Term 1


Year 6 SATS 2023
Week beginning 16th October 2023 

Maths: With Mrs Anderson we have finished our work on short and long division and have moved on to looking at multi-step word problems and the order of operations. With Mrs Walker, we have begun our new topic on converting units which includes working with both imperial and metric measurements. 

English: We have been working on writing our own biographies the life and work of Mary Seacole as part of our innovate stage. We are now working on our own biographies and have begun researching inspirational people to write about. 

RE: In RE we have been continuing to look at being a follower of Christ. We have created advertisements, looked at the story of Levi and thought about the challenges being a follower may bring. 

Other: We have had a very exciting week and had the opportunity to meet with our Reception buddies. The Year 6 children wrote letters to their new friends to introduce themselves, give advice for their school careers and make 'buddy promises' promising to always look after and care for them. A lovely start to some great new friendships, well done Year 6. 

Week beginning 2nd October 2023

Maths: With Mrs Walker we have been completing our Place Value topic, ordering and rounding integers and looking at negative numbers. Mrs Anderson has been looking at short and long division strategies.

English: In VIPERS we have been continuing to work on 'Freedom'. We had a class debate about the statement 'We have enough food for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed', and created a class poem based on this. We have started looking at biographies based on Black History Month. We started by looking at the achievements of Usain Bolt.

RE: We looked at the Ten Commandments and thought about how they are relevant to Christians today. We are starting our new unit ' Followers of Christ'.

Other: We have been feeling festive, very early. We have been creating our Christmas cards that many families love to share. Look out for these in bags towards the end of the week.

Week beginning 25th September 2023: 

Maths: With Mrs Anderson we have started practising our long and short multiplication stategies. We began by refreshing our memories and using 4 by 1 digit calculations before moving on to 4 by 2 digit calculations. We have been applying our skills to word problems and growing in confidence everyday. 

English: In English we have continued to work on our class text 'Freedom' and have been using speech punctuation to move our story along. We have lots to remember when using speech punctuation so we will be revisiting this frequently throughout the year. 

RE: In RE we have been thinking about why The 10 Commandments are important and exploring their meaning. Last Friday the children attended a Sacramental preparation mass with Year 3. We were so proud of how Year 6 conducted themselves in mass, showing themselves to be excellent role models for the younger children at school. This week we have also begun preparing for Harvest festival and have been considering those that often go without food . We have been carefully considering the question "Is there enough food in the world for everyone?". 

Other: The children are patiently waiting to meet their Reception buddies and have enjoyed some playtime together to get to know one another. It was a very exciting experience for all and the Year 6 children love reminiscing about their time in Reception. They couldn't believe how small the equipment and playground felt. 

Week beginning 18th September 2023: 

Maths: With Mrs Walker we have continued to develop our place value skills, we have been reading and writing numbers to 10,000,000 and working with powers of 10. With Mrs Anderson we have been looking at square and cubed numbers before moving onto written multiplication methods (4 by 2 digit numbers). 

English: In English we have continued to work with our class text 'Freedom'. This week we are working on our written dialogue, using speech marks and punctuation to explore the thoughts and feelings of the characters. 

RE: In RE we have begun to explore different Bible stories to better understand key characters and relationships that make up the Old Testament. 

Other: We have been thinking about democracy in PSHE and have enjoyed listening to eachothers speeches and manifestos for key school roles. We have celebrated our friends strengths and achievements and appointed 4 new house captains, 4 sports captains and 2 members of our student council. Mrs Williams was SO impressed with our head pupil speeches that she needed a little bit more time to appoint 2 new head pupils. Well done Year 6! 

Week beginning 11th September 2023:

Maths: With Mrs Walker we have been looking at the place value of numbers to 10,000,000 using place value grids and recognising the value of different digits. With Mrs Anderson we have been looking at addition and subtraction strategies, factors and multiples.

English: We have started reading a new whole class text 'Freedom' by Catherine Johnson and a new 'Talk for writing unit'. We are working on the 'imitation' phase. This week we have considered how Catherine Johnson has used 1st person to engage the reader, expanded noun phrases to make sure the images are clear and deepening our understanding of the characters.

RE: We have started a new unit thinking about 'The Story of the People of God'. We considered how the Bible is organised and is a library made of many books written in many styles.

Other: We have started our Maafa topic. Maafa is Swahili for 'the great tradegy'. We have started by looking at Africa and the countries that make up this continent.

Week beginning Monday 4th September 2023:

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 5th September. 

Autumn Term 2



Week beginning 20th November 2023 

Maths: In maths this week we have been continuing our unit on shape with Mrs Walker. We have been using protractors to measure angles and talking about the rules for working out angles without a protractor. With Mrs Anderson we have continued our work on fractions, adding and subtracting with fractions.

English: In English we have continued to work on our class text 'Pig Heart Boy'. We have been using our knowledge of creating narratives that we have looked at this term and been planning and writing our own alternative 6th chapter.

RE: In RE we have looked at different prayers and been considering the features of psalms in preparation for writing our own next week. 

Other: On Monday 2 local magistrates visited us and taught us about the magistrates court, linked to our British Values, the rule of law and democracy. We took part in a role play court case. It was a really interesting and fun way to spend our morning. 

We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Friday for our Christmas decoration day!

Week beginning 13th November 2023 

Maths: In maths this week we have started a new unit on shape with Mrs Walker. The unit began with skills around the identification, classification and measuring of angles. With Mrs Anderson we have continued our work on fractions, looking at how to find equivalents, how to order and how to simplify to answer questions. 

English: In English we have continued to work on our class text 'Pig Heart Boy'. The children have been looking specifically at the characters this week and have written diary entries from different perspectives. By the end of the week we will have planned and written our own chapters, using all characterisation skills we have learnt so far. 

RE: In RE we have continued to consider the followers of Christ and how they would have made significant sacrifices to answer their callings. 

Other: This week we have been raising awareness about bullying as part of Anti-Bullying week. The key message for 2023 is 'let's make a noise about bullying' with the children considering what that message means. Year 6 have participated in some excellent discussions around the topic of bullying, understanding the importance of seeking help for themselves or for others if they ever feel unsafe or unhappy. 

Week beginning 6th November 2023 

Maths: With Mrs Anderson we have been starting our work on fractions. With Mrs Walker, we have completed our topic on converting units of imperial and metric measurements. 

English: We have started a new talk for writing narrative unit. We have started a new book, 'Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman. It was lovely to see some of you in our writing session on Monday afternoon.

RE: In RE we have completed our unit 'Followers of Jesus'. We researched different Martyrs and presented information in groups.

Other: We have been continuing our Maafa topic thinking about the perspective of the people on the slave ships. We have started a new French unit thinking about the things we can do.

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