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Vision and Values

Our school has a very long history and owes its initial development to the Amherst family who set up the first school in a room in their house, just across the road from the current school.

In 1893, they provided the funding to build a school on Beehive Hill to provide for the catholic education of children in Kenilworth aged 4 to 15 years.  In 1976, due to changes in the education system, the school was changed to a first school only and numbers fell to 59 as children aged 9 and over were transported to St. Mary's School in Warwick.

In 1988, after much support from parents and the school taking an enormous leap in popularity, it was agreed that the school was to become a "Combined" school, taking children aged 4-12 years old and that it was also to be housed in a completely new building.

The new school opened in September 1991 with 215 children in 8 classes and is now a single form entry primary school, educating children aged 4-11 in a very bright, stimulating and child friendly environment.

Today, we have the capacity for 210 children, with a possible 30 in each year group.  If you are interested in your child joining our welcoming and caring school, please contact the school for details.

Our Mission Statement

At St. Augustine's Catholic School, we welcome everyone into our community where ...

"We live, love and learn together in the light of the life of Christ"

As a Catholic school, the gospel is central to all our learning and religious education is integrated across the whole curriculum.  Prayer, worship and liturgy are real experiences for us all.

Within this Catholic framework, we encourage every member of our school community to take responsibility for their own learning in order to develop spiritually, socially, physically, creatively and academically.  Each person is nurtured as a special child of God to strive for excellence in all that they do.  We welcome families from all faiths and all backgrounds who support our ethos.

We are committed to offering each member of our school a welcoming, caring and loving environment in which they can develop as a whole person.  We work with parents, the parish and the wider community and invite them to work with us in our mission to know, love and serve God.

  1. We aim to provide a good Catholic education, which is Christ centred, in order for each child to understand and appreciate the beauties of the world, and the small everyday miracles that occur in it.
  2. We aim to provide children with a loving, safe and happy environment, in order for each child to achieve their most effective learning.
  3. We aim to assist each child in their development of a lively and enquiring mind, in order for them to realise their potential for life long learning.
  4. We aim to encourage children to co-operate with each other and to be sensitive to the needs of others, in order for them to develop respect for all of God's people.
  5. We aim to create a welcoming environment, in order that parents and members of the wider community can take part in, and enhance the education of our children.
  6. We aim to implement all new government initiatives in ways which will suit their individual needs of our school, in order that all our children receive their full entitlement and statutory requirements are met.
  7. We aim to ensure that all learning is differentiated, in order that the individual needs of all our children are met.
  8. We aim to recognise excellence in all aspects of our work, in order to fufil our mission to know, love and serve God.