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Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to our fabulous school. It is an inclusive, nurturing and compassionate school where, rooted in Gospel values, our respect for our children and families drives our passion for challenge and learning.

Every day at St Augustine’s, I see confident children learning in many different ways and I see supportive staff teaching unique individuals in ways which suit them best. We see our mission in action in every corner of the school. It is a school where we truly ‘Live, Love and Learn Together in the Light of the Life of Christ.’

Our community understands that each member is made in the image of God.

We proudly support the unique and individual learning journeys that we are all experiencing. Our children know that they are valued. They are talented, kind, dedicated and excited. They are artists, musicians, writers, scientists and sports people.

I am proud to learn and work in this amazing and diverse community where children are inspired and motivated, where leaders of learning are both adults and children and where tolerance, love, generosity and gratitude are embedded into daily life because our dedication to Gospel Values is shared.

Everyone is welcome to join our fantastic community and share our incredible journey.


St Augustines101

Mrs Cowell




Executive Principal - Mr Finnegan

Head Teacher - Mrs Williams (maternity leave)