Year 5 Class

Autumn Term 1


RE: We have now begun a series of lessons about Baptism. We will be looking at the significance of the symbols used in the celebration of baptism and the reasons why people choose to have their children baptised.

English: We have now begun a unit of work which links to Black History Month. We have looked at biographies of Elisabeth Welch and Mary Seacole, exploring the strucure of the text and the content along with discussing why these two women were such significant figures in history. Next week we are lucky enough to have a present day actor (Thank you Mrs Risk!) coming into class for the children to interview and we will be preparing our questions for her the rest of this week.

Maths: We are now into our second week looking at addition and subtraction, comparing additions and subtractions and solving multistep word problems. We are continuing to work on improving recall of tables facts and will be having a five times-table test on Friday.


RE: This week we are completing our series of lessons on creation. The children held an interesting discussion today about whether they thought God was or was not the creator of all things. We are also preparing our harvest poem for presentation in Friday's celebration.

English: We are now writing our stories based on the Jabberwocky poem by Lewis Carroll. we are focusing particularly on ensuring our work is legible and well punctuated, so that our readers can understand easily what we are trying to write.

Maths: This week we have been consolidating our understanding of how to round numbers within 1,000,000 to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000. This will be our last week looking at place value. Next week we will be moving on to addition and subtraction. On Friday, we will be revisiting tables assessments to provide a baseline from which all children can improve.


RE: This week we are looking further into how we are all made in the image and likeness of God, exploring what God is and how we show we are like Him.

English: Continuing our work based on The Jabberwocky, we have explored using noun phrases to describe appearance and character. As we progress through the week, we will be revisiting including dialogue in our writing to help convey character information.

Maths: We are looking at place value with numbers up to 1,000,000 and how we read and write these in both numerals and words. We are moving on to explore powers of 10 (i.e. the effect of mutiplying a number by 10, by 10 and 10 again etc.)

Spellings to learn for next week will still be all the same for all the class. For children struggling to learn all ten, please focus on the final five as these are largely taken from the Year 3/4 CEW list, which we are revising this term.


RE: This week we have been looking at the Old Testament, focusing on the stories of creation. We have learned that there are two different versions of creation in Genesis and that each gives a slightly different account.

Maths: In Maths we have explored Roman numberals and have now moved on to place value and how numbers up to 10,000 can be represented. In the next few days we will be extending our exploration of place value up to 1,000,000.

English: This week we began our work based on the poem, The Jabberwocky, by Lewis Carroll. We have revisited the terms adjective, noun and verb and looked at how Lewis Carrolll used his own 'portmanteau' words within his poem. The children have created their own portmanteau words and are using them in short passages of writing. They will also be rewriting some of the poem as narrative prose, substituting Carroll's nonsense words for appropriate words of their own choosing.

01.09.23 - We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday 5th September!

Please click on homework documents below:

Number Bonds Assessment 1

Tables Assessment

Autumn Term 2

29th November 2023

RE: This week we expored the idea of pilgrimage and looked at sites across the world, which are centres of pilgrimage. We were able to combine geography with RE as we found different pilgrimage locations on a world map and created a key.

English: We have now completed the drafts of our non-chronological reports and will be oving on to edit, imrove and publish these to create a class book.

Maths: Fractins wrok continues, loking at finding fractions equivalent to non-unit fractions using multiplication and division. We are now mving on to converting imroper fractions to mixed numbers.

The play rehearsal is coming along well. There is a costume list on the class room window and one has also been emailed to all parents. Please do get in touch if you have any queries.

22nd November 2023

RE: After last week's RE, exploring some of the miracles performed by Jesus through drama, this week the children have chosen one f those miracles to write about from the point of view of someone who might have been present as a witness.

English: This week we have been writing aboout our own animal creations under the subheadings of appearance, det and habitat. The children are focusing on using formal, impersonal language, to lend therir writing greater gravitas. As we continue, we will be identifying words specific to the topic, which we want ot include in a glossary. Dictionaries will then be used t help create the glossary.

Maths: We have now completed our unit of work on multiplication and division and have moved on to look at fractions for the first time this year. We began by foldong paper strips to find fractions equivalent to a unit fraction (a nt fraction always has 1 as the numerator). We will be looking at other ways of recognising equivalence as the week progresses.

The children are all looking forward to Christmas Decorating Day on Friday. Please remember to send your child in with a jar (or more if you have any to spare) for use on the day.


15th November 2023

RE: This week we have starteda series of lessons looking at miracles and the Sacrament of the sick. Earlier this week, the children thought about the meaning of the word 'miracle' and recalled miracles of Jesus that they knew about. Later in the week we will be looking more closely at five of Jesus' miracles through drama and discussion.

English: Last week we completed our biography writing. We are continuing with non-fiction for the first few weeks of this half term, looking at non-chronological reports. The children have all created their own animal species and will be writing a report about their animal as experts on its appearance, habitat and diet.

Maths: This week we bagan by looking at square and cube numbers and how they are generated. For the remainder of the weeek we will be looking at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 and the effect this has on the digits of a number.


Welcome back after half term.

RE: We have now completed our Baptism topic for RE and will be moving on to look at miracles and the Sacrament of the Sick. However, as this week is one of our multi-faith focus weeks, on Thursday and Friday we will be finding out about the key figures associated with Hinduism.

English: This week we have been completing our biography writing. at the workshop we looked at non-chronological reports and next week we will be moving onto writing our own reports. During art this week, the hcildren have been crating their own 'portmanteau' animals, which will be the focus of their report writing in the follwing weeks.

Maths: We have been exploring multiples, factors and common factors so far this week as part of the block of work around multiplication and division. We are continuing this exploration, focusing on prime and square numbers.

Spring Term 1


RE: This week we have started work on our new unit, Parables and the sayings of Jesus. On Monday we discsussed the message of the Good Samaritan. Later in the week we will be looking at three further parables

Maths: We are completing our multiplication and division unit this week, practisiing short division and revising long multiplication methods.

English: we are continuing our work on the Tale of Three Brothers, using metaphor and simile within character descriptions. we will also be looking at including dialogue within a narrative to reveal character and move the action forward. Alongside this we will be revising the rules of speech punctuation.


RE:This week we have explored Herod's actions and motivation in the CHristmas story. We are also preparing for our class mass on Friday and are looking forward to parents, who are able to join us, celebrating with us.

English: We have begun a new unit of work, based around the Tale of Three Brothers, which is a 'folk tale' taken from Harry Potter. THis week we have been exploring the character of Death.

Maths: We have worked hard to perfect our long multiplcation this week. Although many are still finding this tricky, we are moving on to division and will continue to practise our long multiplication in short bursts over the next few weeks.


RE: We are continuing ur Christmas unit, looking at Matthew's Gospel account and considering the difficulties faced by the characters in the story.

English: THis week we have begin our own encounter stories and will be continuing these to the end of the week.

Maths: We are looking at formal multiplication. Beginning with 2-digit numbers mutliplied by 2-digit numbers.


Welcome back to all and a Happy New Year.
In RE this week we have begin a short series of lessons relating to Christmas.
In English we have started work on a new text, Little Vixen Street, and will be working towards writing a short encounter narrative, with elements of mystery.
In maths we are continuing perimeter and area.

Spring Term 2

Year-5-spellings-to-learn-for 8th-March-2024

RE: This week we are completing our Parables unit. We will then be moving on to Lent and Holy Week. In advance of the Lenten Presentation, children will be given words to learn.

English: We have completed our termly reading assessments this week and have begin a short poetry unit based on the Jackie Morris book: Tell Me a Dragon.

Maths: We are continuing to operate with fractions. We have been adding fractions and mixed numbers, remembering to find common denominators to help us. Now we are looking at subtraction of fractions. Next week we willl be completing our termly maths assessment, so any practice using long multiplication and short division would be of benefit to the children.

Summer Term 1


English: This week we have begun work on a new text: 'Clockwork' by Pilip Pullman. We have spent ime looking at word definitions and also the impact punctuation can have on meaning (e.g. ellipses to create tension). Tomorrow we will be going on to describe character and setting, writing informally to create postcards.

Maths: we are continuing with fractions and decimals, looking at how thousandths are represented. We are going on to compare and order decimals.

RE: We are beginning a series of lessons on Easter, beginning with looking at the structure of the Easter Vigil.


English: THis week we are using our English sessions to explore Holy Week in greater depth and to produce informative reports.

Maths: We have looked at representing tenths, hundredths and other common fractions (fifths and quarters) as decimals. We are going on to look at thousandths and how they can be represented both as fractions and decimals.

RE: We have combined RE with English this week to explore the events of Holy Week and how they are recalled through the chruch services in today's world. On Friday we will be looking at the origina nad key figures in Sikhism.

Summer Term 2